Pedicab and Electric Shuttle-Based Advertising

Extend your

reach beyond the convention center walls

Our services integrate seamlessly with your next convention appearance. You work hard to deliver a thoughtful presentation and to accurately convey your products and services to prospects inside the convention center, but why end the conversation there? Our Pedicabs take your pitch to the streets, complementing the information you provide onsite and reaffirming your brand’s message. In a setting where every business vies for a customer’s attention, this secondary point of contact could be the difference between a follow-up and a “forget you.”

We’ll also enhance your convention center experience with field marketing services. Our young and enthusiastic team distributes flyers, coupon, brochures, and more, letting everyone know what you have to offer and sending more prospects your way.
Stand out among your peers. Contact us today to see how we can take your convention center appearance to the next level.