Convention Booths

Any conference appearance

demands a completely out of the ordinary execution of your exhibit, enhanced by digital multimedia.

VIP Outdoor Media will partner with you to construct an exhibit booth so eye-catching, visitors won’t simply pass by. They’ll stop, interact with you, and ask questions. Ask visitors to leave their calling cards, take collateral, or navigate your website within your booth. Follow up on your leads. VIP Outdoor Media will design, fabricate, and install your custom booth with precision, on-time and hassle free. We’ll coordinate with convention personnel to avoid technical glitches and unforeseen hurdles. All pieces will receive prepping, display, and stand ready for show! You will pleasantly ride over in your VIP Pedicab, step into the convention, and know that everything will receive spot-on staging.

No fuss. No scramble. No stress. With our extensive connections and industry knowledge, VIP Outdoor Media can help grow your exhibit hall with the quality exhibitors you seek. We also offer exhibit hall management services, including budget collaboration, space layout and usage, decorator communications, prospectus creation, and onsite supervision. We cultivate exhibitor and supplier relationships every day to ensure success inside and outside the exhibit hall.