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gives your idea wheels


Advertising with VIP Outdoor Media brings mobility and originality to your campaign

Corporate Events

Our pedicab service eliminates the stress in getting to and from your next corporate event

Special Events

Your special event deserves special transportation see how vip outdoor media can accommodate your event

Convention Marketing

Extend your reach beyond the convention center walls. Our services integrate seamlessly with your…

Custom Programs

VIP Outdoor Media delivers customized pedicabs for some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them…

From advertising to convention marketing

to corporate and special events, our team provides an array of services to enhance your brand and to resonate with your target audience. Our advertising is mobile, catchy, and 100 percent customizable. Whatever your vision, we can execute it, turning our pedicabs into a one-of-a-kind moving manifestation of your brand and its unique flair.
Our convention marketing packages maximize your company’s exposure during trade shows and exhibitions at the San Diego Convention Center. Whether you’re taking part in a small and exclusive trade show or an international event like Comic Con, we can assist, providing a fleet of pedicabs to transport guests and to show off your latest advertising campaign.

We’ll also ensure your team arrives and leaves safely from corporate and special events. Whether you’re holding a business meeting or a wedding, we understand the importance of arriving on time—and the burden of getting home after a day of celebrating. We alleviate your worries and take care of the transportation, giving you more time to focus on the event and less time stressing about how you’re getting there and back. If you just want to experience the benefits of our unique and eco-friendly mode of transportation, we’ll work with you. We offer custom programs for anyone who wants to experience our VIP Pedicab service firsthand.
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